Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

Criticism and Suggestion

. Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

My name is Agus triyana, borns in pati agustus 1978. SD, SMPN 1, SMUN all in Juana Pati Jawa tengah. married 5 year has just, now lives in town bekasi – Indonesia, with child of two, 1 boy 1 girl : erinna and evan, now myjob or my activity as one part of the civil public servant that is now gets duty to execute returns to scholarship school in hydrography. Before all, I apologized because bad me is linguistic but I only try practices it.

House is invesment of course correctness, since for house us is invesment for child and our grandchild. So doesn't thought of yourself x'self but thought of also child and our grandchild later. Why..….?

Will we contract house forever, borrows governmental house forever, follows in our parent for a lifetime ? possibly for some people with various reason of may be…Yes…… But for us, builds a family with independence full of religion pillar and wings of a dream house will become something godsend from invaluable the infinite in price. More than anything else this craving house result of our hard work, our own sweat ( non others sweat or even others blood) “ halalan bin toyib kata para ustadz “ that is our hope

From this myblog and

We wish to writes and to collects matters all about house as our family dream house reference. Hopefully idea and this collection besides can add knowledge we also able to add knowledge, your kretivity are readerses that is possible equal to our intention.

We say thank you to various info about house from various sources and we expect criticism and suggestion from you are for my blog or email

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nothing ventured is noting gained

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